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Barça B never quite find their footing in 2-0 Loss to Castellón

Barça B starting 11 before the match against Castellón. (Photo/ FC Barcelona B)

After two straight victories, Barça B fail to continue their winning ways with a poor performance.

The game started slow. Not just for Barça B but also for Club Deportivo Castellón. The first 15’ minutes brought no real danger from either side. Despite that, Castellón had demonstrated to be the better team.

It wouldn’t be until the 22’ that a dangerous chance was produced. It would come from Castelló as Salvador Ruiz, Kialy Abdoul Kone and César Diaz combined on the left flank to get around Barça B’s defense.

Not even a minute later and Pablo Hernández should have put Castellón up 1-0 but the woodwork would be there to bail Barça B out for the time being,

Castellón was pushing to break the deadlock and they wouldn’t have to wait much longer.

A misplaced pass from Arnau Comas to Jandro Orellana led to a quick Castellón counter. Hernández put a nice move on Mika Mármol and left him behind. With enough time to look up, Hernández placed a ball on a platter for Kone to make it 1-0.

It took 37’ minutes but Barça B’s luck had run out. The poor marking and sloppy playing out of the back had caught up to them.

The first half up to this point had belonged to Castellón, but the rest of the half belonged to Barça B. Specifically Ferrán Jutglà.

41’ minutes in and Barça B create their first real chance of the game coming from Jutglà weaving his way through the box and getting a shot off. A minute later Jutglà would test the opposing keeper with an effort from distance. 

The majority of the first half wasn’t ideal but the end sparked some hope that the second half would go differently. 

A not so different second 45′

That hope was quickly dashed when Barça B came out and played sloppy early in the second half.

Nils Mortimer had a rough first 5’ of the second half with sloppy giveaways and touches. One of which almost led Castellón’s second goal of the game.

It would only take 10’ minutes for Castellón and Kone to get their second. Coming off a set piece with once again sloppy marking.

Once Castellón went up 2-0 the game slowed down and Castellón’s victory was all but sealed. A couple of chances to go up 3-0 as Kone looked to complete his hattrick but the rest of the game was spent just seeing it through.

Barça B was thoroughly outplayed and outclassed. 

Sergi Barjuan’s side will be back at the Estadi Johan Cruyff next Sunday to face off against FC Andorra.