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Barjuan: The only way to gain respect is by winning.

Josep Lago/AFP

Sergi Barjuan and Eric Garcia spoke to the press ahead of Barcelona’s crucial Champions League game against Dynamo Kyiv on Tuesday. Where they talked about, the game against Dynamo, preparations, players who have recently recovered, and a lot more.

Here’s what Eric had to say:

Dynamo Kyiv:

“We know how difficult it will be. The team is mentally and physically prepared to get the three points.”

“Keeping a clean sheet will be important. We are aware that we must improve in a lot of aspects, everyone must contribute in offense and defense. We are working and we will improve.”

“It is clear that tomorrow’s game is very important for us, but when you represent Barca, each game is important. The demands of this club do not allow relaxation. You must go out on the pitch to win and tomorrow will be no less.”

FC Barcelona:

“When I made the decision to come here, I was convinced it was the right one. Even today, I would not change it. The results are not as we like, but there is a long season ahead”

“It was complicated for me at the start of the season. Lately, I am feeling a lot better and I am very grateful for the confidence shown in me. I am looking forward to playing more games.”

“The team is doing well. Confidence comes from results, but we are at a time where we are not getting what we want. Barca has amazing players, Sergi (Barjuan) is helping us a lot.”

Ansu and Dembélé:

“They are players who can make a difference up top. It is amazing to have them back.”

His performances:

“I am self-critical. There have been games in which I could have done better, but we have to keep improving as a group, I consider myself calm and confident. Also, hope to spend many more years at Barca.”

Premier League:

“The Premier League is a very physical league, discontinuous. Here at Barca, we try to have more control.”

This concludes Eric’s interview.

Here’s what Barjuan had to say:

Dynamo Kyiv:

“It is an honor for me to be at the touchline for a Champions League game. The players are used to playing under pressure, and tomorrow there will be a lot of pressure.”

Squad List:

“A lot of players are back from injury for this game. Everyone has possibilities to play. Those who do must provide maximum physical performance.”

FC Barcelona:

“It is mandatory for Barca to win. Especially, in moments like these. The only way to gain resepect is by winning. Tomorrow is an ideal scenario to win. A victory would give joy to everyone.”

“You could ask a thousand coaches, and they would all want to be in my position. As a culé I wish the best for the club, and I am going to try my best to solve this situation.”


“We have had a few training sessions since Saturday. The players have trained with intensity, and I have asked them to be organized and energetic for tomorrow’s game. Everyone knows the importance of the game and the 3 points, but this should not create stress.”

Style of play:

“We want to find our style, our model. We want to play with the ball, be the protagonists. This leads to joy. During these difficult moments, it has been hard to find a smile in the dressing room. I have had little time with the team, my job is to get the best out of them.”

Recovering players:

“It is important that we recover players back from injury; it generates competition and motivation. Which is very good for the group. We must take advantage of the recovered players. Dembélé has been off the pitch for a long time and it must be appreciated that he wants to be there for the team.”


“I have spoken with Coutinho. I told him that the Camp Nou had whistled me too. The only way to make yourself strong is to be yourself. We hope to find his Liverpool form again”


“During these days, I am trying to connect with the players. I have not seen lack of anything. There are a lot of experienced players, like captains, who contribute more than youngsters. However, the relationship between youngsters and veterans is very good. When things do not work out, no one tries to blame somone. The squad is very united.”