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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Blaugranagram honors International Women's Day / BLAUGRANAGRAM
Blaugranagram honors International Women’s Day / BLAUGRANAGRAM

It’s International Women’s Day. At Blaugranagram, diversity and equality are of crucial importance. We pride ourselves on our staff diversity and our inclusiveness.

To honor the day, we conducted a small interview with a member of our Board of Directors, first team editor and graphics designer, Riddhi Nirkhe.

How does it feel to work in this industry, where we fortunately are seeing more and more women on the scene?

“It feels good to be an important member of a football, in particularly FC Barcelona related news company. It brings me closer to my favourite club in a way, and that is something I wouldn’t have imagined to be doing when I started my journey as a football fan. So, I thank Blaugranagram for giving me this opportunity,” Nirkhe tells Blaugranagram.

Given the rise in toxicity on social media, do you feel people discriminate you or undermine your opinions based on your gender?

“I like that no one questions me about my football knowledge which happens a lot with girls/women on internet. Also, if someone doesn’t agree with me or if I say something wrong, people tend to correct it with a fair argument or nicely disagree, so that’s that,” she continued.

For women looking to make it in journalism or a similar field, what would your advice be?

“Just keep an open mind, do your best to provide the news as accurately as possible and keep going forward! Don’t hesitate to try out different subfields which interests you within the larger field and lastly, don’t forget that you entered into this field out of the love for the sport as well as the excitement that you share with rest of the fans so keep that in mind and don’t let anybody, especially strangers on the internet, take that away from you,” Riddhi Nirkhe continued.

Blaugranagram believes it is a responsibility to empower women, embrace diversity, and ensure equality amongst all of its staff members, independent of race, gender or any other factors.

Diversity brings us closer together.