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Contract adjustments loom for Barcelona’s emerging star Pau Cubarsí

Pau Cubarsi / Getty Images
Pau Cubarsi / Getty Images

Barcelona plans on adjusting Pau Cubarsi’s contract.

Confirmed as the breakthrough player, Pau Cubarsí is proving to be the most spectacular emergence at FC Barcelona in the 2023-24 season. The center-back, who turned 17 in January, officially debuted for the first team that same month, still at the age of 16. Since then, in just a month and a half, he has already played 10 games at the top level, six of them as a starter, always responding at a high level in tests of maximum demand, which has led coach Xavi Hernández to confirm him in the lineups week after week.

2024 represents, therefore, a leap in Cubarsí’s career, a progression that has already led the club to convey a message to their emerging young player regarding his future. According to Xavier Munoz of Mundo Deportivo, his contract will be adjusted to this new reality as soon as possible. Cubarsí is playing for the first team with the contract he signed in the summer of 2023 until 2026, corresponding to a youth contract, and therefore with a termination clause that is a bargain considering that his emergence in the elite has not gone unnoticed by any top club. In fact, even before rising to fame, there were teams like Chelsea who were interested in him. The current agreement mentions figures ranging from 10 to 15 million euros. However, Barça has no fear regarding Cubarsí. At the same time, as a gesture to the player and his closest circle, the club wants to convey the firm intention that they are very aware of the need to adapt his contract to this new status.

His current contract, valid for his youth stage, will need to undergo an adjustment, considering that the revelation defender of the league won’t turn 18 until January 2025. The club’s and the sports management’s intention is for Cubarsí and his close ones to have the full conviction that they fully trust him, as is evident in such a challenging situation for the team, and that this will be reflected in his future.