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García Pimienta breaks his silence: “It was not fair”

García Pimienta as Barça B coach last season with president Laporta / FC BARCELONA

For the first time since being fired, Barça B coach García Pimienta gave an interview where he talked about his dismissal, Ilaix and more.

After multiple successful seasons in Barcelona, Francisco Javier García Pimienta was surprisingly forced to leave the club in June, not long after Joan Laporta won the elections. He stayed silent for the first few months but has now decided to explain his side of the story to Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo.

About his dismissal:

“At the end of May, when I had one more year of my contract, Alexanco, who is one of the people who has trusted in me the most during my career and to whom I’m very grateful, confirmed that I would continue. Two weeks later, Yuste thanked me for the work I did and told me I was fired.”

“I was completely surprised. I was working towards the new season, the day before it happened I watched Juvenil A win the league and that Friday I thought I was going to a meeting to plan things, until I got there and they fired me. The only thing they told me was that they wanted their own people to come in, that there were no other reasons.”

“I feel hurt, sad, pissed off… I don’t think this was the right way, it wasn’t fair. The work that has been done at Barça B in recent seasons has been great and it is not understood well enough. When you have so many high-level players who end up playing for the first team, I think the goal is accomplished. But people come and go. Those who are now, who were the same ones who signed me 15 years ago, decided that I shouldn’t continue. This happens and it’s now time to look at the future.”

About his future:

“One of the things that hurt me the most is that we ended the season on May 18. If I had been fired then, I still would’ve had time to find a job. But they told me almost a month later and there were very few jobs still available. Only Girona called me, but in the end, they opted for Míchel, to whom I wish a lot of luck.”

“I want to train at the highest level possible. Preferably in Spain, but I would like to be in any competition that’s competitive. I’m waiting for an offer that will convince me sportingly to show that despite having a very clear idea, I can also adapt to another type of football.”

About coaching Barça’s first team:

“My obligation was to be prepared for it because it was my dream. Because of the information I received, I know that I was an option at least twice and for me, it is already a pride to be mentioned. I’m sure it would have gone well because I knew a lot of the players perfectly and they knew me.”

“I have the feeling that a lot of people wanted it to happen. Even established first-team players would send me messages saying that they would be very happy if I was appointed. Sometimes it is easier to choose a big name than to believe in a person who has only trained the youth teams, but I’m sure the squad would have given me the opportunity to prove my worth.”

About Barça youngsters now coming through from the academy:

“Coaching Barça B all these seasons has allowed me to train many players who are now in the first team. It’s what I’m most proud of. Look at Iñaki Peña, Mingueza, Araujo, Riqui, Collado, Nico and Gavi, among others. If they get the confidence they are very great players.”

“I had no doubts about Nico. I had him under great control until last season and I worked day by day with him. He is a player who will mark an era. I think his ideal position is as a pivot. He has an amazing level, an impressive vision of the game, he is competitive, he is always well positioned, he is good with the ball, he has a good head, he is aggressive. If nothing happens, he will be the next Busquets. Koeman has given him a lot of confidence because he has earned it.”

Gavi went to do the preseason with Ronald and now it will be difficult for him to get out of the first team because he plays well, he is fast, aggressive, brave, cheeky, he can arrive in front of the goal. He is one of these players that everyone likes because, in addition to perfectly understanding the Barça game, he has everything else. On a defensive level, he also makes up for a lot. Doing what he does at his age is not easy at all. You have to be calm, but he is another player that can spend many seasons in the first team.”

About Ilaix Moriba:

“It’s a shame he won’t be there. He has shown that he can be counted on and confirmed that he had the level to play for Barça in the B team. But the greatness of this club is that if Ilaix leaves, to whom I wish the best because everyone does what he believes is best for his future, other players will appear and do just as well.”