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Laporta and Mendes strategize Joao Félix and Joao Cancelo’s future at Barcelona

Joao Felix (left) & Joao Cancelo (right) / CNN Portugal
Joao Felix (left) & Joao Cancelo (right) / CNN Portugal

Barcelona is working on keeping Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo beyond this season.

The meeting between agent Jorge Mendes and FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta at Laporta’s residence served to outline a plan to resolve the futures of Joao Félix and Joao Cancelo. According to Gabriel Sans and Fernando Polo of Mundo Deportivo, although all options are on the table because Barcelona is unaware of the salary cap for the summer, the most feasible option currently being worked on is their loan.

Laporta has publicly expressed his intention to sign both players, provided the deals align with the club’s delicate economic situation. Given the financial circumstances, another loan scenario is being considered, similar to this year’s arrangement.

Both Manchester City, regarding Cancelo, and Atlético Madrid, with Joao Félix, are open to a transfer. However, the asking prices are prohibitive, with the right-back valued at nearly 30 million euros and the winger at close to 80 million euros. These figures were discussed months ago.

During the summit, it became evident that neither player wishes to return to their respective clubs. Joao Félix’s contract runs until 2029, and Joao Cancelo’s until 2027. However, their clubs are also not eager to recall them, preferring to wait for potential offers first. The willingness of both players works in Barcelona’s favor.

Both players and Barcelona are highly interested in this arrangement. In the case of Manchester City, it has been reported that they do not plan to retain the services of Cancelo and will consider his departure. This stance benefits Laporta.