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Laporta slams La Liga’s registration rules, confirms Super League is on

Barcelona President Joan Laporta // FCB

Barcelona President Joan Laporta has criticised the La Liga administration for their financial limits, and also confirmed that the revamped Super League is under planning.

During an almost-two hour news conference on Thursday, Barcelona President Joan Laporta addressed the current state of the club, including Messi and the Super League.

The President started off by noting that it is now nearly two years since his administration took control of the club. “We took a huge risk by taking over”, Laporta said. “We took decisions to reduce debt and now we are under control. The financial situation is improving everyday”.

Although Barcelona currently sit 8 points on top of La Liga, Joan Laporta also criticised the League’s president and the efforts La Liga has made in hindering Barcelona in registering Gavi as a first team player,

“It took tremendous effort to register players”, Laporta said. “Every time we register a player, La Liga ends up amending the rules so we cannot do the same thing again. It is a constant tug of war that complicates our planning process. The current rules prevents us from competing with the other leagues. In other countries, ‘financial fair play’ is more flexible.”

“For example, they changed the rules on the selling of assets, which they are free to do. We sold assets to build a more competitive team; then they changed the rule and put a 5% limit [of a club’s revenue] on the sale of assets.”

However, should Laporta and Barcelona get their way, they will no longer have to comply with these regulations. Laporta confirmed that the process of launching the revamped European Super League is underway.

““The Super League process is underway, it is a more attractive competition for everyone”, Laporta said.

Despite struggling to comply with La Liga’s financial regulations, Laporta assured everyone that “it will not be necessary to sell players for large transfer fees this summer”.

“We’re ready to respond to [coach] Xavi’s needs,” President Laporta said. “It won’t be necessary to sell to register. We have other solutions.”

“We are in the process of achieving a record number of sponsorship contracts in the history of the club, as well as achieving records in stadium attendance, shirt sales, museum visits, and we are number one on social media”, Laporta added.

Laporta was also asked about the club’s relationship with Leo Messi, following recent comments made by his brother, Matias. In a recent twitch stream, Lionel’s older brother said that Lionel Messi will not be returning to Barcelona anytime soon. He is also heard saying that if he ever did return, they would need to do a “good cleaning up” in the boardroom and make sure to “kick Laporta out”. In addition, Matias Messi also claimed that “no-one had heard about Barcelona” before Leo Messi’s arrival in 2004.

Leo’s 40 year old brother has since apologised for his comments, and Joan Laporta stated that “Lionel Messi is part of this club’s heritage. He belongs to PSG. Out of respect, I will not speak. His brother has apologized and that’s it.”

“The words of Messi’s brother have no impact on the club’s relationship with Leo”, Laporta added.