Laporta wants changes

Joan Laporta interviewed in Rac1 by Jordi Basté / Manel Montilla/ RAC1

At a campaign event, the candidate for president Joan Laporta outlined all the changes that would be made to the club if he wins the election.

The candidate for president of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta, analyzes in case of winning the elections, to play in the Montjuïc stadium, the once used by Esplanyol many times, if they decide to make works in the Camp Nou. This will be a big change it confirmed.

Laporta’s wish is to celebrate the club’s 125th anniversary at the new Camp Nou. But it’s not a clear idea because they will have to ask how much money the Club need to spend on this renovation.

“It is the most important and emblematic project for the club in the next hundred years and we have to do it very well. The big decision is whether we will be able to play at the Camp Nou during the years of construction work or whether we will have to go to another stadium”, he said.

He also added that “The budget now stands at 825 million euros, but it is not yet final. There is a loan agreement with Goldman Sachs for this amount to be repaid in 30 years and which has to be ratified by the Assembly” .

Another and difficult wish of the former Barcelona president that he made public is to increase the capacity of the Palau in order to organize the Euroleague basketball ‘final four’. And he explained that they cannot play the final four at home with the current stadium as 10,000 seats bacause it´s not enough.

On the other hand, he was happy for the support he received from Jordi Cruyff, Johan Cruyff’s son. “I liked that Johan’s son remembered his father and said what he said. I am honored and proud. I have a great friendship with Jordi” concluded.

On the sporting front, Laporta referred to the Eric García issue. “It is a matter of coherence in all areas. Economic, statutory and sporting. The coach has to look for solutions to the situations that arise.” On the other hand he complained about those who say that Barcelona loses by not having the Manchester City player.

Finally, at the end of the event, he commented that they will create ‘Carnet Barça’ with an annual price of 30 euros for fans so that they can have discounts and good conditions in different areas.