Photo montage for the partnership / SPORD and Blaugranagram
Photo montage for the partnership / SPORD and Blaugranagram

Blaugranagram is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with SporD, founded by Qiang Bai and Wesley Sneijder, over what is expected to be a long-term partnership.

It is with great pride that this partnership can be announced, and as part of the collaborative work that will take place between Blaugranagram and SporD, new products have been added to Blaugranagram’s already existing line of mechandise.

SporD recently started out of the same holding as internet technology companies; Sport 8 & vSport. The co-founder of these companies is Wesley Sneijder. Together with the co-founder and the CEO, Qiang Bai, these companies try to make an impact on the sports industry.

SporD empowers parties (entities) in sports to fully transmit influences into business values via social-commerce. SporD is enhancing the social commerce by bringing it vertically into the sports domain.

“We are very happy with this partnership, Blaugranagram is proven to be a credible news platform. This makes us proud to start working together and to all it will bring in the future”

Qiang Bai, CEO, SporD

Blaugranagram is looking forward to what is expected to be a fruitful, and long-term partnership, and thanks its readers and audience for the continued support.