Blaugranagram's new logo, after the 2020 rebrand / BLAUGRANAGRAM
Blaugranagram’s new logo, after the 2020 rebrand / BLAUGRANAGRAM

Blaugranagram is pleased to announce its newest rebrand, with a clearer logo, unified color schemes all across the board, and a new line of merchandise.

The Blaugranagram news outlet is pleased to announce that it has undergone a full rebrand, making its presence across all its channels more distinct and clear.

As part of the rebrand, Blaugranagram will soon release a new line of merchandise, with the new logos and the variants of these included. These will be available through the Blaugranagram Shop.

We’d like to thank you all for your continued support, and here’s to many years to come!


CEO, Founder and Chief Editor,
Omar Hawwash