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Pique: We cannot fail Xavi

FC Barcelona

“Xavi Hernández, Gerard Piqué, Marc-André Ter Stegen, and Ronald Araujo spoke to the press after Tuesday’s Champions League draw against Benfica.

Here’s what Xavi had to say:

On the result:

“We wanted the three points. I’m not angry because I can’t blame the players for anything. We were constantly creating chances. Barca must go to Munich to win and put in a good performance. In general, I am very happy with the image of the team.”

“Today, we played a great game. Our intensity, discipline, and defending were very good. We created chances too. It is a shame to not have scored a goal, it would have made the difference. Barca deserved it.”

“I see very positive signs. The attitude of the team gives me the feeling that we can beat anyone. We are Barca, we have talent and the players to make a difference. Although, sometimes things don’t work out. The players did very well but it was not enough.”

On Bayern:

“We only have one bullet left and Barca must win. Our fate depends on us, which is a good situation to be in. The way the team plays gives me a lot of optimism. I think we can compete with anyone.”

On converting chances:

“If we convert the first one we have, the game changes. The opposition will open up, leave more spaces. Benfica were playing for a 0-0, they wasted a lot of time too. Not scoring generates anxiety for us and security for them.”

“There are moments in which we think too much. I’m not saying it for Memphis, but for everyone. Sometimes it is just about kicking the ball, we must score in different ways. Nico and Gavi provide excellent passes; Memphis makes spectacular runs. We must work on the timing, and everything will click by itself.”

On Dembélé:

“I have spoken with him. He is very happy here. Today he took a risk, he was not 100%. His attitude is spectacular because another player would have said, ‘I prefer to wait.”

“He made a sacrifice for the team, with the risk of a relapse. We want him to renew because for me he is a fundamental piece. When he is on the pitch, things happen.”

Here’s what Pique had to say:

On the draw:

“We have done a lot to win, but we couldn’t. Now, we depend on ourselves. We are going to Munich with the intention of winning. The players are feeling good. We just need efficiency in front of the goal.”

On Bayern:

“Barca, wherever it goes, has to win. The feelings between the club and fans are good. A lot of fans come to meet us at the hotel. I hope they always remain this excited, through thick and thin. I have never seen the Camp Nou light up in this way. I’ve been a culé since I was a child and whenever the team did not play well the fans expressed their emotions. Currently, we are in a situation the fans are not used to. We will go to Munich to qualify.”

On the change in Coach:

“When things are not going well, people ask for a change. It is also very refreshing, especially for players who have not had a lot of minutes. Whoever plays, wants to do well and win. We competed well against Espanyol and today was not any different.”

Whether Xavi pushes the captains more:

“Morally, if you have shared the pitch with your coach. You have to give him your best because he knows the quality of the player. I have known Xavi for 13 or 14 years. We have to transmit the ideas he gave us when he was a player. We cannot fail him.”

Here’s what Ter Stegen had to say:

On the game:

“I do not have the feeling of defeat, I am proud of the team because we played very well.”

“We were facing a team who scored 3 goals against us in the first game. We did a great job but unfortunately could not score. It wasn’t easy. The goal would have been amazing.”

“At the end, we risked a lot to score. We are lucky that they did not score.”

On Xavi:

“Everyone sees the enthusiasm with which Xavi makes us play. We are all plugged in, everyone has an idea of how to play. This is good, with this attitude we are going to win.”

Here’s what Araujo had to say:

On the game:

“We lacked the goal, it was the golden key to qualify. Benfica’s attitude was very good, but they were holding a very deep line. Although, it is with their effort that the ball did not enter the net.”

“The players did what the coach asked. We only needed a goal. Dembélé can give us a lot, just like Ansu.”

“We end the game with a bitter taste because the team wanted to win at home, in front of the fans. But now Barca must win in Munich.”