Pjanic: “The most important thing is that we start to win”

Pjanic at El Prat / Image: FC Barcelona

Thursday evening, Miralem Pjanic arrived in Barcelona for the first time as a player for the club. Having completed his PCR tests, he spoke to the club’s official social media channels.

Back in June, Barcelona and Juventus came to the agreement that sent Pjanic to Barcelona. He finished the season 2019/20 season with Juventus, which ended on August 7th with a 2-1 win over Lyon, but still going out on aggregate.

After the season finished, he tested positive for Covid-19, which meant his arrival in Barcelona was delayed.

Upon arriving at the El Prat airport in Barcelona, the club’s media team was there to welcome him.

He was asked about several topics, and mentioned his wish for crowds to return, and how he wants to bring back trophies to the Camp Nou.

“It is a really special day for me. I’m really excited, really happy. It’s an honour to be here (and) to play for this club. I really can’t wait to see my team mates and start this new season, and I hope that (in) the next years we will have a lot of success and win a lot of titles.”

“Dreams come true, like I told my father. I’m really proud about joining this club. It’s a real dream, and I hope that the supporters soon can be in the stadium, so we can play in front of the Camp Nou. But the most important thing is that we start to win, and (win) a lot of titles for our supporters”

“I’m a technical player. The last years I’ve been enjoying looking at this team playing. It was really incredible how they’ve played. I’m in love this football and this idea (of football), and I really can’t wait to be on the field and play with all these great players. I am proud and I want to enjoy nice things here. I want to go away with a lot of titles and a lot of good memories. I really can’t wait to start and do a lot of great things.”

“I want the team to play good football, and start winning titles and bring trophies back home. (I want) to try and do my best for this club, (and) for this team. I will be ready. I know it will be difficult to win something, because that’s always difficult, but this club is born to win everything possible. We know we have a lot of responsibilities, but this is normal when you are a part of Barcelona. I think, and I hope, that we will win everything we can.”

On playing with Messi

“It’s like I said – a dream come true. I am really excited to see how he is, but everyone i’ve played with said that he is an alien. He is something special. I’m really excited, and I hope that I can help him to do better than he already has, but that will be difficult because he already did so many great things. He is maybe the best player of all time. I’m really excited, and i’m also excited to play with the rest of the team. We are a lot of players in the squad. They can trust me, and they will know that I will give everything for them. Like I said, we have to bring back trophies and make our club and supporters happy.”