Should Barcelona consider selling Pedri?

Pedri / Getty Images
Pedri / Getty Images

With Pedri having recurring injury issues is it time for Barcelona to consider selling?

In the complex world of football, decisions regarding player contracts and squad dynamics are never straightforward. A pertinent issue facing Barcelona’s sporting director, Deco, is the future of Pedri. Undoubtedly one of the brightest midfield talents, Pedri’s impact on the pitch is indisputable, but the recurring question arises – is it time for Barcelona to consider selling their prized asset?

Pedri’s influence and participation

When Pedri graces the field, his influence is undeniable. Under the tactical prowess of Xavi Hernandez, Pedri has showcased his ability to dictate the tempo, create scoring opportunities, and embody the quintessential Barcelona midfielder. However, the dilemma lies in his inconsistent participation. In the current season, Pedri has featured in only 48% of the matches, a significant drop from last season’s 66% participation rate.

Injury woes

Pedri’s issue extends beyond mere participation rates; it’s the timing and duration of his injuries that pose a significant concern. Often sidelined during crucial phases of the season or when the team needs him the most, Pedri’s recurring spells on the treatment table disrupt Barcelona’s rhythm. The unpredictable nature of his injuries, ranging from extended layoffs to intermittent absences, raises questions about his reliability.

Pedri / Getty Images
Pedri / Getty Images

Contract conundrum

As Barcelona approaches the new year, the impending decision on Pedri’s contract renewal looms large. With a current deal running until June 2026, Deco faces a pivotal choice. Renewing Pedri’s contract seems inevitable given his stature as one of the faces of Barcelona. However, the critical question is the terms of the renewal.

Exploring options

One plausible avenue is to explore the market’s interest in Pedri. If a club expresses strong interest and is willing to meet a substantial valuation, exceeding 100 million euros, it may be prudent for Barcelona to consider parting ways. Availability is a precious commodity in the demanding football landscape, and Barcelona must weigh the importance of having a consistently available player.


Alternatively, if Barcelona opts to renew Pedri’s contract, a cautious approach would involve refraining from substantial salary increases. Balancing financial considerations with the player’s impact and availability becomes paramount to ensure the club’s long-term stability.

Pedri’s situation encapsulates the intricate decision-making process football clubs face. A world-class midfielder with undeniable talent, Pedri’s recurring injury concerns force Barcelona into a critical juncture. Deco and the Barcelona board must navigate these complexities, evaluating the best course of action to secure the club’s success while ensuring a judicious use of resources.