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Statement: #EndSARS in Nigeria

Blaugranagram condemns SARS' actions in Nigeria / BLAUGRANAGRAM
Blaugranagram condemns SARS’ actions in Nigeria / BLAUGRANAGRAM

Blaugranagram would like to extend its support to the innocent lives affected by the situation in Nigeria, where the Special Anti Robbery-Squad has had a hand in rape, murder and extortion of Nigerian civilians.

Even though what’s happening in Nigeria isn’t in Europe, we at Blaugranagram believe that the media’s focus should be on every area of the world, and condemn the actions that the SARS unit have been executing on innocent, young civilians and their close ones.

SARS is a unit of the Nigerian police force, and have been abusing their power to extort money from innocent citizens, especially young people with materialistic benefits, such as new technological devices.

Blaugranagram calls on the Nigerian government to put an end to the unlawful work of the SARS unit, and bring peace to its country, especially with many living in subpar conditions.

If you would like to educate yourself more on the matter, you can read an in-depth explanatory piece by Amnesty International here.