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The ideal Busquets substitute?

Pedri keeping Bayern Munich's Joshua Kimmich at a safe distance from the ball / GETTY IMAGES
Pedri keeping Bayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich at a safe distance from the ball / GETTY IMAGES

The German midfielder, Joshua Kimmich, has emerged as a possible summer target for Barcelona in the midst of Bayern’s internal turbulence.

As the season comes closer to its conclusion, transfer rumors begin to emerge for clubs all around the world. This is especially true for big clubs such as Barcelona, with so many people eager to know their next move. There will always be rumors that seem so far-fetched we immediately write them off as impossible.

However, there are times when a new story comes through and all you can do is hope it will be true. This is the case for Joshua Kimmich, an improbable but highly exciting target for FC Barcelona.

Let us take a step back and analyze this possible transfer from the club’s perspective.


Just a few days ago, Sergio Busquets and Barça officially announced that this season would be his final one at the Catalan club. Not only does he leave behind an impressive trophy collection, but he also marks the end of a golden era at the club. Barcelona is losing more than their squad captain, they will no longer have a unique player with extraordinary qualities.

It is at this point where fans and analysts begin to make the question, who could possibly be the next Busi? The answer is no one. But, Kimmich is possibly one of the best possible solutions.

Back in 2019, in an interview with Sport Bild, Xavi Hernández revealed he had spoken with Pep Guardiola regarding the German midfielder. He revealed that he had followed Kimmich’s career with great interest and stated the following:

Joshua is the present and future of Bayern and the German national team. And he can play in any position. He would be the perfect player for Barcelona.

Given his previous comments and the player’s undeniable quality, it seems very likely Xavi would be delighted to have him at his disposal for the upcoming season.

Bayer Münich

From Bayern’s point of view, losing Kimmich would have a huge impact. In addition to him being the captain of the squad, he is the heart of the midfield. Without him, the Bavarians seem lost at times during matches.

However Mundo Deportivo has reported that due to numerous internal situations, including Julian Nagelsmann’s sudden exit, Joshua would be willing to move, looking for new challenges. Additionally, Kimmich has a great professional and personal relationship with two current Barça players, Robert Lewandowski, and Marc-André Ter Stegen.

According to Transfermarkt, during this season he has played in 45 matches, scoring 7 goals and assisting in 11 others. In addition, his current market value is 80 million euros, an amount that currently seems impossible for Barcelona to match. And finally, his current contract expires in 2025, adding yet another obstacle for Barça.

Only time will tell how this story will end for everyone involved. But, this could be a rare transfer opportunity that Barcelona simply cannot pass on. Kimmich is a special player that would certainly bring the Catalan side to another level.