Xavi Hernandez will join Barça if Víctor Font wins the elections

Xavi Hérnandez with Al-Sadd during a game against ES Tunis // MARCIO MACHADO/EURASIA IMAGES/GETTY IMAGES
Xavi Hérnandez with Al-Sadd during a game against ES Tunis // MARCIO MACHADO/EURASIA IMAGES/GETTY IMAGES

Presidential candidate Víctor Font’s entourage have reacted to a letter written by Xavi, saying they believe Xavi will join Barça immediately if Font wins the elections.

According to SER Catalunya’s Adrià Soldevila, the entourage of presidential candidate Víctor Font says that Xavi didn’t mention a future at FC Barcelona and the upcoming elections in his open letter because he doesn’t want to speak out and go against one of the other candidates, Joan Laporta.

Font’s team think Xavi had to speak about the 2022 World Cup in Qatar because this was part of a contract. They remain confident that Xavi will immediately become the Barça coach if the elections go Font’s way.

As reported by Mundo Deportivo’s Edu Polo, today is the national day of Qatar, which is why Xavi wrote a letter about the excellence of the country and the upcoming World Cup. The letter isn’t related to FC Barcelona or an electoral campaign.

The reaction comes after legendary Barça midfielder Xavi Hernandez wrote an open letter, mainly speaking about his life in Qatar as the Al Sadd coach and the 2022 World Cup.

Xavi starts the letter by mentioning his excitement for the upcoming 2022 World Cup in Qatar: “I am fully confident that it will be an incredible World Cup, both for the players and the fans.”

He then continues by talking about his move from FC Barcelona to Qatari club Al Sadd: “I moved to Qatar to join Al Sadd and prolong my career as a player. Leaving Barcelona, my hometown, and a club that I love so much, to start over in a completely new part of the world, was a good decision for both me and my family.”

He also writes about his last period at Barça: “At that time, my passion for playing was as strong as ever, but deep down I knew that I could not contribute as much as I would have liked anymore on the field of a club like Barça, where every game must be won.”

Xavi explains the type of coach he is: “It took me a while to adapt to my new life as a coach, but I am enjoying it a lot. My philosophy is the same as when I was a player. I like football that is played in a positive way. As a player I liked having the ball, keeping possession, going on the attack and creating as many chances as possible. I like possession-based football, at a fast pace, and I like my players to understand the importance of playing as a team. Everyone should defend together and attack together.”

“The most important thing is that the players enjoy playing football, and the best way of enjoying football is having the ball, creating opportunities and scoring a lot of goals. That’s the way football was for me, and that’s also the way I want my players to experience football when being coached by me.”

Xavi ends his letter by speaking about his future: “Football culture is growing at a tremendous pace over here, and I believe the World Cup will take it to the next level, not just in Qatar but in the whole Arab world. While in the future the moment of taking the next step in my career will arrive, for now, I am focused on enjoying my time here and making the most of the opportunity of playing a small roll in Qatar’s exciting journey to the 2022 World Cup.”