Barça B

Barça B will play the second phase: What do you need to know?

Barça B finished second and will fight to be promoted to Second Division / FC Barcelona B

Barça B finished the first phase of the league in Second Division B occupying the second position, which gives them the right to play the second phase for promotion and the possibility of reaching the final Playoff in order to be in the Second Division next season. What will the process be like?

The first thing you need to know is that, Barça B have insured their place at least, in the 1st RFEF. It is a new category, the third overall, after the First and Second of La Liga. From there, the B team could even reach the Second Division if they surpasses the two remaining phases in this chaotic season.

The 2nd B groups, organized by territory, have been divided this season into five groups with two sub-groups each. Group 3, in which Barça B will compete, this season is divided into 3-A and 3-B. Barça B, located in 3-A, alongside with two other teams from the same group that have managed to be among the top three (Nàstic and Andorra). Additionally, the top three of the other half of the group are: Ibiza, Alcoyano and Villarreal B.

These will form a group of 6 to play the second phase, and add the points they earn to those that they obtained during the first part phase of the season. However, in 3-A there was one more team than in 3-B. In order to compensate for this difference in the games played, the standings will be calculated based on a coefficient (points / games played) instead of just points obtained as in most cases.

In this second group, the 6 participants will not face each other, but there will only be confrontations, back and forth, with the 3 members of the other subgroup. Barça B will not play again against Nàstic or Andorra, but will play two games (at home and away) against Ibiza, Alcoyano and Villarreal B. The calendar is the following:

Barça B will play 6 games in the second phase / FC Barcelona B

When this second phase ends, the three teams with the best coefficient of each group of 6 (a total of 15 teams) plus the best fourth classified, will enter the final Playoffs for promotion to Second Division. These qualifiers will be in Final Four format. There will be four new groups of four teams each formed by lottery, semifinals and final will be played. The teams that win each Final Four will be promoted to the Second Division.

If Barça B do not manage to win their Final Four, or if they did not even qualify for the final event, they would simply play in the 1st RFEF next season, something that is already very beneficial, taking into account that they will be two categories above some teams they played against this season.