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Barça set to renew Jandro and Oriol

Jandro Orellana / FC BARCELONA

According to Mundo Deportivo, Barça will exercise the 2 year contract extension clause for Jandro Orellana and Oriol Busquets.

Jandro and Oriol, both were renewed by Barça in July 2018 for three seasons with an option to extend it for further two years. Both renewal contracts have a clause stating that if not renewed for the additional two seasons, the club would have to compensate some amount.

However, per the report by Mundo Deportivo, the club has decided to execute that clause and renew both players’ contracts.

Jandro has played 18 games with the B team this season before an ankle injury ended his season. He was a key player in Pimienta‘s side earlier this season. Where as, Busquets, who played one season at the B team before being loaned out to Twente has been unlucky with two consecutive injuries. The midfielder suffered a hamstring injury to his left leg in January.