Barça will make an additional 30% cut to the wage bill

Josep Maria Bartomeu at the Camp Nou / Alex Caparros/Getty Images Europe

The club wants to build a negotiation table to talk with players and workers, but if there is no agreement, the reduction will be applied unilaterally.

Barça’s economic situation is very delicate and the club will have to reapply measures in order to lower the wage bill again. According to the Què T’hi Jugues program of SER Catalunya, the newest cut that Josep Maria Bartomeu’s board must face is 30% of the wage bill. Between October 20 and 21, a negotiating table will be created, where this matter will be discussed with all parties. November 5 is the deadline to reach an agreement. If there is no understanding with the players and workers, the club will unilaterally apply this new salary cut. If someone wants to report this situation, let them do so, club sources have said.

The agreement will not be easy. Some players understand the situation and accept the reduction. Many do not agree and are suspicious of the management of the club and directive. Others do not answer directly because they understand that Bartomeu is not a valid interlocutor. In addition, the players, understand that their employment relationship is special. They want a different negotiating table, not to sit at the same one where the reduction of the club’s workers will be negotiated. Last week, Barça sent this request to the players by letter, without specifying the conditions. As a result, the players have sought a prestigious labor lawyer who can represent them in this negotiation.

The club is already looking for formulas to cut expenses with the salaries of the players. For example, in the negotiations to renew the players, the board offers a lower annual salary in exchange for more years of contract.