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Barcelona won’t recover Cucurella from Getafe

Marc Cucurella controls the ball at Getafe / GETTY IMAGES EUROPE
Marc Cucurella controls the ball at Getafe / GETTY IMAGES EUROPE

It has been decided, Barcelona won’t recover Cucurella from Getafe and the young La Masia talent will stay at the club going into next season.

In the summer of 2019, the Catalans decided to loan out the young talent in a deal that included a purchase option for six million euros. And now, according to a new report from Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona won’t recover Cucurella as Getafe are set to activate the clause and keep the 21-year-old gem for themselves.

Even though the same outlet highlights that there have been reports about the Catalans possibly wanting to keep their La Masia youngster at the club, that is no longer a viable option since Getafe have already informed them of their decision to activate the six-million clause.

The only thing that Barça will get from this transfer is 40% of any potential future transfers of the player. If they, however, wanted to recover Cucurella further down the line, they would have to negotiate with Getafe but given his recent rise in form and good performances on loan, his price tag would definitely rise.

This is reinforced even more by the fact that Cucurella has matured massively since last playing for Barcelona and is now much more experienced, versatile and overall a more well-rounded player.

Even though he is not a left-back per se anymore and has evolved into a left midfielder or even a left-winger of sorts, Barcelona’s situation on both flanks seems quite shaky and Mundo Deportivo even go on to say that Junior Firpo’s future at the club is still undecided.

And pretty much the same thing can be said for the opposite side of the pitch as Nélson Semedo could suffer a similar fate with continuous talks of his desire to leave Catalonia.

Needless to say, the upcoming transfer window is shaping up to be a bumpy ride for Barcelona but at this point, that is hardly news anymore.