FC Barcelona’s presidential candidates studying next actions regarding Bartomeu

FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu during Frenkie De Jong’s unveiling.
(Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images)

After Jordi Farré, a presidential candidate, filed a request for a vote of no confidence against president Bartomeu at the club’s offices on Wednesday, other candidates are thinking of how they could raise the pressure on Bartomeu too.

The last 2 days in FC Barcelona’s board room have been chaotic. With Lionel Messi’s formal request to leave being the topic on everyone’s minds, all eyes are set on President Bartomeu. Media outlets, former presidents, former players, and future presidential candidates are closely following Bartomeu’s next steps, with many people demanding his immediate resignation from the club and a vote of no confidence already having been lodged.

Groups of the opposition to Bartomeu’s presidence, including Víctor Font and Lluís Fernàndez Alà, have met to decide whether they should support Jordi Farré’s vote of no confidence or set up their own alternative.

Another possible option is to influence the next board assembly and place pressure on Bartomeu’s board in that assembly. This can be done by collecting 3% of the soci’s votes to put the item on the agenda, rather than the required 15% to start the vote of no confidence. They see this option as more feasible.

There are discrepancies between the candidates on their preferred course of action. They believe that any decisions taken should be done together, but they have not agreed yet on what these decisions will be. Tomorrow, a press conference will be convened to make more information available.