Here are the important dates for the upcoming season

Barcelona during their victory against Manchester United / AFP
Barcelona during a victory against Manchester United, in the 2018/19 season / AFP

With football on the brink of returning to Europe’s top five leagues, the dates for the upcoming season, as well as the transfer window, have been set.

Football is set to return to Europe very soon. In fact, on June 11 is when the first post-pandemic match in Spain will take place, as Sevilla and Real Betis go head-to-head.

And the dates for several milestones during the season, such as the summer transfer window, are being planned for.

According to the Spanish news agency, EFE, these are the dates that have been communicated to FIFA by the respective leagues, for the upcoming transfer windows.

In Spain, the summer transfer window for LaLiga Santander will open on July 1, and close on September 1. Germany’s Bundesliga transfer window will open on the same day, although latter will end on August 31.

It is worth noting that it was recently announced that the 2021/22 Spanish season would start on September 12, one day after the transfer window closes in Spain.

The summer transfer window for the Spanish women’s league, where Barça Femení recently were crowned champions, is expected to be in effect between July 1 and September 14, whereas the winter window is expected to be open between January 4 and February 1.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom as well as France will have their respective top flight summer transfer windows opened on July 10, with both ending on September 1.

The winter transfer windows

As for the winter transfer windows, Spain’s will open on January 4, 2021, and close on February 1.

Germany’s, as things stand, will be open between January 2 and February 1.

The English as well as the French transfer windows differ a bit: in the United Kingdom, the January transfer window is set to open on January 1, and close at the end of the month. On the contrary, in France, the window will open on January 2, and close on February 1.

The Eredivisie is set to have its summer transfer window open between June 9 and August 31, with the winter transfer window being in effect between January 4 and February 1.

Italy are, according to the EFE, yet to make their final decision. Portugal, in the meantime, will open alongside Spain, on July 1, but will be able to register players into their squads until September 22.

Leagues outside of Europe, also prepared

As for outside of Europe, Argentina’s transfer window will be open between July 7 and September 28 whereas Brazil’s will be open only for the entirety of July.

Mexico’s will be open from July 14 until September 5, where Colombia’s will open on July 6 and close at the end of the same month. The United States’ transfer window will be open from July 5 until August 5.