Mingueza: “While there are possibilities we will fight until the end”

Oscar Mingueza in the match against SD Huesca / David Ramos / Getty Images Europe

Defense sensation of FC Barcelona, Óscar Mingueza has given an interview to La Vanguardia, in which he has spoken about his time in La Masía, his season so far, the good relationship inside the team, his future and much more.

Óscar Mingueza has come a long way from the beginning of the season to where he is today, going from being a substitute due to the injuries in the back line to a weekly starter. Now as the season looms closer to the end, he looks to his future with great expectations and ambition.

This is what Mingueza said during the interview:

On his time in La Masía

“In general, it is more difficult for a defender to attract attention and it is true that there were others who were talked about more than me. I was never the superstar but in the end I played and moved up the categories. In Juvenil B with Quique Álvarez I grew more because it was a different football more difficult, you played with older players … in the Youth League I was not the most mediatic either but I noticed that something else was being said… And then Barça B came, a team in which I was not lucky enough to play a lot.”

Regarding how he almost left the Barça B team

“Yes, at Barça B I thought about looking for a way out because I did not play a lot. I’m not saying I had offers but the idea of ​​looking for them crossed my mind, because in the end those are the games where you grow and where people see you. I also recognize that my attitude was not the best, in the end I know that if you do not play it is not because of one thing… But I had the ability to recover, gain strength and focus. I fought and decided to bet on staying here.”

On his call up to the first team

“In the end I had to be prepared in case the moment came. You don’t know if it will happen but you have to mentally ready. I have had hard times, of having more or less drive, but I decided to be physically well and mentally prepared for what could happen. And above all, I did not want to be able to reproach me for anything or leave anything inside of me. Give everything in every training and in every game. And here I am.”

On how his personal life has changed

“My day to day is the same. I keep doing the same things with my partner, my dogs, I go to train, I see my family, I play with my friends on the computer… the only thing that I have noticed is that people recognize me on the street. They even stop me at traffic lights! I try to be as close as possible.”

Regarding if he feels that the young players are getting more opportunities

“Yes, of course you can see that Koeman gives opportunities to young players. But above all the continuity is appreciated. I will always be very grateful to Ronald Koeman for all that he has done for me.”

On which players of Barça B standout

“In the end there are players with a lot of potential. Àlex Collado is my age, and also Oriol Busquets, who right now is having bad luck with injuries but who has been at the club for many years and with experience. There is also Ilaix and Konrad, who have already been seen in the first team, but if you look down, Nico González or Alejandro Balde are also coming up strong. There are good players that I hope they have their chances.”

Regarding Messi and the youngsters

“He is happy with the team. We try to make a good atmosphere, be united and work well and in the end that is the important thing, that we are together, we make an effort and we have a good attitude. I hope he stays, for me it is a pleasure to play with him.”

On Àlex Collado’s renewal and his own that is currently in progress

“I am very happy for Àlex, we have shared many moments and many years at Barça. And about my renewal, we will start talking soon and see how it goes. I am optimistic.”

Regarding the possibility of winning both LaLiga and Copa del Rey

“That is the objective, while there are possibilities we will fight until the end. In the end the only way is to continue with this attitude, with that intensity with ball and without the ball.”

On the next few games against Valladolid and Real Madrid

“In the lower categories I already played a Clásico and it is true that there is always an extra motivation. But before we play against Valladolid, we have to be focused, we know that they made it difficult for us in Pucela. And then we will think about Real Madrid.”

Football runs in the family

“My sister (Ariadna Mingueza) has gone through all the categories and has already debuted with the first team. They are the best and it is showing, they have been in four semifinals in five years and three in a row in Europe competition. For me it is a pride to see how she grows. I hope that in a few years she can be a starter. And my father is now vice president of Santa Perpètua.”

On where he sees himself in 10 years

“I would like to be in Barcelona, ​​my city, and playing for the club that has seen me grow. Hopefully it will be like that.”