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No Late Draw for Barça B

FC Barcelona B starting Eleven before the match against Algeciras CF (Photo/ FC Barcelona B0

After two matches of miraculous last-second draws, Barça B couldn’t recreate that magic on Saturday and fell to Algeciras CF.

For the majority of 90’ minutes, Barça B were on the backfoot. Defending for their lives, hoping to get something going on the counterattack. 

The Blaugrana did that very well for 27’ minutes. 

Forcing tough shots and creating danger on the counter, in the 17’ minute Jandro Orellena played a good pass into Jordi Escobar, but the finish went just over the bar.

Although not entertaining nor attractive, the game plan was being executed fairly well. That would come to an end in the 27’  minute.

Attempting to play out the back, Jandro’s careless touch inside his own box led to a penalty which would put Barça b behind.

From that point on the remainder of the half belonged to Algeciras. Attacks came in flurries and Barça B were lucky to head into the half only down 1-0.

Barça B came out from the break playing a bit better. They searched for an equalizer but wouldn’t come close to finding it. The play was slow and stagnant, but they were no longer defending for their lives like they were in the first 45’.

The positives would once again come crashing down as a bad give away in their own half led to a one on one which David Gonzalez Roni would put away for the 2-0. 

An Urgent final 15 

With Barça B facing another winless matchday the squad upped their sense of urgency and went all out for a result. 

A spectacular goal from Matheus Pereira directly from the corner, created some hope within the pitch. Afterall, we have seen this club draw games late these last two matches. 

Barça B pushed and at times they looked very close to finding that equalizer, but it wasn’t meant to be this time. 

Barça B fell 2-1 to Algeciras CF and remain winless since December.