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Rodado and Jutglà shine in Barça B’s win over Atletico Sanluqueño

Barça B starting 11 before the match against Atletico Sanluqueño. (Photo/FC Barcelona B)

Two goals in 52 minutes were enough to cap off a third straight victory for Barça B.

A tale of two halves in the first 45′

Barça B went into the halftime break leading 1-0 with a late goal from Ángel Rodado to break the deadlock. Rodado had done a great job to get his head on the end of a dangerous cross from Ferrán Jutglà. 

But it wasn’t easy.

Just moments before the goal, Miguelete had the clearest chance of the match to put Atletico Sanluqueño on top. A low driven cross that was put on a platter; it was miraculous that Barça B didn’t fall behind from that sequence of play. 

For a handful of moments in that first half; Atletico Sanluqueño looked more in position to take the lead.

Despite that, they were never in control of the game, they just executed their game plan well for moments in that first half. They sat back and picked their moments to press high.

Barça B started slow, which seems to happen in almost every game this season. They didn’t look overmatched by any means but were noticeably uncomfortable early on. Sloppy in possession and forcing shots from unfavorable locations.

The first 20’ minutes or so was just the two clubs exchanging fouls and poor shots. It wasn’t until 23’ minutes in that Barça B would create their first bit of danger with a powerful strike from Jutglà just going over the bar. 

Minutes later Moussa N’Diaye made a nice run into the box to find Rodado but his shot would be deflected.

Ez Abde had a dangerous curler attempt just go wide of the far post moments later. 

The urgency had clearly picked up and Barça B had asserted their control of the match heading into halftime up 1-0.

Continuity in the second half

Barça B came out the second half exactly how they ended the first; in control. They pushed for a second very early on and created three chances within the first five minute of the second half.

It wouldn’t be long before they found the second.

In the 52’ minute Ez Abde did a great job to get around his man and send a cross into the heart of the box. Jutglà would get just enough on the end of the cross to guide the ball into the back of the net to put Barça B up 2-0.

Being up 2-0 didn’t result in a change of mentality for Barça B as they continued to push for another. The chances became less clear, but they were closer to scoring a third than they were to conceding. 

Barça B looked to be in the clear and were on their way to coasting to a comfortable victory before N’Diaye would see his second yellow in the 73’ minute. 

With Sergi Barjuan’s side down to 10 men they had to shift their focus from attacking to defending their lead. 

Even with a numerical disadvantage for the remaining 17 minutes, Atletico Sanluqueño never looked to create any real danger.

Their urgency had become apparent, but they couldn’t put Iñaki Peña to work who had a very relaxed second half.

One of Barça B’s best performances this season adding to an impressive run of form.