A photo montage by Blaugranagram, using one of the Patreon brand assets
A photo montage by Blaugranagram, using one of the Patreon brand assets

Blaugranagram is pleased to announce that it has launched a Patreon page, in which its audience can pledge to further support the news outlet and help ensure its consistency.

The journey that Blaugranagram has been through thus far has been lengthy, but also, in the eyes of the staff, successful. The website has, statistically, been well received, as has the news outlet’s expansion, both as a brand, but also across its different social media channels.

The vision of the news outlet is, briefly explained, to keep its audience and readers up to date on everything regarding Barcelona and European football on a daily basis.

This has its financial requirements as Blaugranagram values consistency and quality very highly, and today, we can announce the launch of our Patreon page.

Patreon is a platform that allows readers and audience of entities such as Blaugranagram to pledge donations, whether monthly or one-time donations, to help provide financial support and help ensure the consistency of the work that is being done.

Several tiers have been implemented, including ones that allow you, as listeners, to directly have an influence on The Driven Shot podcast — a podcast, hosted by Omar Hawwash, brought to you by the Big Heads Media podcast network and Blaugranagram.

We hope that you will find it inclining to pledge, with one of the tiers also including a free piece of merchandise to thank you for your continued support.

Whether you decide to pledge or not, we would like to wholeheartedly thank you, our readers, audience, and followers across our social media channels, for your continued, daily support.