‘If Umtiti’s knee suffers from osteoarthritis, my treatment will not work’ — Ramon Cugat

Samuel Umtiti, leaving a match injured / PERE PUNTÍ

Dr. Ramon Cugat says that Barcelona’s Samuel Umtiti suffers from an injury that does not fit the treatment used by the widely known doctor.

The Frenchman has knee problems but doesn’t want to have surgery and the conservative treatments followed so far have not solved the main problem: his cartilage wear.

TV3 interviewed the prestigious traumatologist who is working to achieve the recovery of the cartilage. Unfortunately, Doctor Ramon Cugat’s methods may not be sufficient.

“A technique we have designed is to take cartilage from the player when it’s broken, not when it’s worn out. If it breaks, we take these cartilage fragments, put them together with growth factors, make a paste out of it, stick it to the knee, and create new cartilage. Here we are talking about osteoarthritis, the tear of the cartilage. Today, we still don’t have a treatment for it,” Cugat explained to TV3.

The last time Samuel Umtiti got injured was on the second day since the club resumed training at the Ciutat Esportiva. Fortunately, the center-back returned on Monday and continued training with the rest of his Barcelona teammates.