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Javier Tebas opens up on Barcelona’s current state financially

Javier Tebas / Getty Images
Javier Tebas / Getty Images

Javier Tebas provided updates on Barcelona’s economic state with La Liga regulations.

Javier Tebas, the President of La Liga, has recently provided intriguing insights into the current state of Spanish football, addressing various issues ranging from allegations of rigging to the prospect of a new coach for FC Barcelona.

Addressing concerns about the integrity of La Liga, Tebas emphatically stated, “The first thing to say is that La Liga is not rigged. Neither Xavi nor Laporta, in reality, believe in such a thing.” These comments come amidst ongoing speculation and rumors surrounding match-fixing allegations, reaffirming La Liga’s commitment to fair play and transparency.

Looking towards the future of FC Barcelona, Tebas expressed hope for the appointment of a top-tier coach. “I hope one of the best coaches in the world comes in. Klopp or Mourinho or others. May all the best come here,” he remarked, highlighting the significance of securing a high-calibre figure to lead the Catalan club forward.

However, Tebas also acknowledged the current atmosphere of tension and controversy within Spanish football. He commented, “We are living in a moment of huge tension that I had never seen before with the newspapers in Madrid and Barcelona. You read what is said about the conflicting moves and you see two absolutely different positions. We are experiencing a lot of controversy, a lot of tension.” These remarks shed light on the intense scrutiny and conflicting narratives surrounding the sport’s governance and decision-making processes.

Amidst these challenges, Tebas didn’t shy away from addressing significant issues plaguing Spanish football, such as the infamous Negreira case. Describing it as “the worst thing that has happened to Spanish football,” Tebas highlighted the gravity of the situation and the need for comprehensive measures to address such scandals.

Furthermore, Tebas highlighted the financial hurdles facing FC Barcelona, emphasizing the club’s need to fulfill its obligations to access the transfer market effectively. “Barça have homework to do if they want to access the market. If not, it will be subject to player sales to reach the 1-1 rule, but for that, it still has homework to do,” he explained, underscoring the importance of financial stability for sustained competitiveness.

Reflecting on Lionel Messi’s departure from Barcelona and subsequent return last summer, Tebas revealed personal insights into the negotiations. “Personally, because of Messi’s and Barça’s desire, I saw it close. When there is that affection, many economic issues are left aside. I saw it possible. I saw it close. I am sure that Messi would have liked to retire at Barça,” he disclosed, shedding light on the emotional and financial complexities involved in the transfer saga.

Javier Tebas’s remarks offer valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing Spanish football, providing stakeholders with crucial insights into the sport’s ongoing evolution and future prospects.