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OFFICIAL: Agreement reached between FC Barcelona and players for wage reduction

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After months of difficult discussions between the club’s managing committee, led by Carles Tusquets, and the dressing room, the players and technical staff have finally agreed to a wage reduction, as officially confirmed by FC Barcelona.

The club released this official statement to clarify the conditions of the agreement:

“The representatives of the Club and the players that make up the negotiation table for FC Barcelona salary adjustments, aware of the great interest and concern with which all of Barcelona follow the work of this Commission, make this joint statement to inform the public of the following:

• Today, the parties have reached an agreement in principle that allows an adjustment to the salary cost for the current season, for an amount of 122 million euros fixed remuneration, to which is added the deferral for 3 years of variable remuneration for this season, budgeted at an approximate figure of 50 million euros.
• This principle of agreement is pending ratification in the coming days by the group of players and technicians affected.
• The agreement, if it is ratified, will be a milestone of great importance to redirect the current economic situation.
• Both parties recognize the great effort that has had to be made to reach this principle of agreement and congratulate themselves for it.”